Self Service Payroll - Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of common questions and answers about our self- service payroll option.
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Self-Service gives you everything you need to process your payroll from start to finish and in the most economical way. We will set up your payroll for you at no cost and provide you with a login ID and password. You are then ready to enter your work hours and calculate your payroll immediately.

Creating the EFT file and uploading to your bank is a 1-minute process (and a cost saving because you perform this action yourself). Similarly, we provide the CRA remittance amounts so that you can pay them online - that's another fee that can be saved by having the tools required right in the software. Outside of your regular pay run, you can also also create ROEs and T4's as needed.

Each pay run costs just $1.30 per employee plus a base fee of $10.00 plus taxes. Visit the following link to view our pricing details and to learn about the others services that we provide:

You can call our toll-free line during regular business hours and receive assistance with questions about your payroll.

Yes. This is called our Partial Service payroll option. Once you calculate and and close your payroll, we will take over and pay both your employees as well as your CRA remittances for each pay period.

Yes, as long as you have not proceeded with employee payments. That is, if you want to revert to a previous payroll (even after you have entered some data in a new payroll), you can simply restore a backup. Backups are simple and can be used to create a full snapshot of any "state" during the payroll cycle (not just at the end before you close the pay, though that is the typical time that most practitioners perform the procedure).

We also have an "Un-Close" feature that allows you to revert the effects of the most recently closed payroll. This can be useful if you have closed a pay run then subsequently discovered further changes or errors that need to be adjusted and where another type of pay run is not necessary (e.g. Additional, Extra, Reversal, etc.). This would allow you to revert to the payroll's pre-closed state. If you un-close a payroll, its Sequence number remains the same and is not affected.

No. There are no contracts or time restrictions involved. eNETEmployer is a simple month-to-month service that you may cancel at any time without penalty.

No. Your fees will be updated automatically based on the number of employees that were added/paid in your payroll.


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