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General Questions

Here are some general questions that relate to many of our software titles (or click the links above for questions about specific programs and services):

The tax tables are updated automatically two times each year. The first is in June to coincide with mid-year changes (if needed). The second update is in mid-December to prepare for the first payroll of the subsequent year. At other times during the year, we may also update our software programs with new functionality, feature enhancements, and bug fixes as needed.

Yes. Both eNETEmployer and GrandMaster Suite allow for multiple users. Each user can be assigned different rights and permissions for added flexibility and security.

No. Each program allows you to create the various electronic files for these purposes. You are responsible for uploading the file to the CRA and to Service Canada.

No. Each program calculates and provides these amounts for you so that you can make your payments to the CRA and to your region's Worker's Compensation Board.

No. Each program allows you to create the EFT file that contains your employee pay amounts. You are responsible for uploading the file to your bank.

Yes. You can run any number of pays during the month, including Regular, Additional, Extra and Reversals.

Yes. Our software programs interface with all accounting products that support a .CSV import. Our Journal Entry contains all general ledger transactions that pertain to a payroll (or group of payrolls) and can be exported to a spreadsheet file. The resulting file can be opened using any third-party accounting software package that supports a comma separated value file.

Yes. Pay stubs can be emailed to your employees. You can also upload employee pay stubs to a secure online mailbox so that your staff can view them at a later date.

Yes. Employees can access their secure personal accounts to review pay stubs, pay history, T4's, edit personal address information and more - from any web-enabled device.

Yes. Our programs interface with all time clock and time keeping products that support a .CSV export. The resulting file can be opened in our software so that the work hours can be calculated.

Yes. Our software programs provide methods for producing customized reports.

Yes. Click here to visit our YouTube channel and to view a series of video tutorials that cover a broad range of program functions.

No. Our software supports all 13 Canadian provinces and territories only. However, numerous US clients use our software for their Canadian-based employees.


FAQs on our other programs and services:

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canadian payroll sales - payroll sales in canada

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