Full Service Payroll - Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of common questions and answers about our Full-Service payroll option.
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Our full payroll service provides all the necessary items to process your payroll from start to finish each period. This includes the data entry (employee work hours), processing the payroll, creating and sending you a payroll register for approval, paying employees via EFT/Direct Deposit, sending out email pay stubs to each employee, and finally making source remittances to the CRA on your behalf. Outside of your regular pay run, we also create ROEs and T4's as needed along with any other third-party remittances that you might request (e.g. Group Insurance, WCB/WSIB, RRSP).

Each pay run costs just $1.80 per employee, a base fee of $20.00, and a flat fee of $7.50 for the CRA remittance, plus taxes. If you want us to pay your staff by EFT/Direct Deposit, then add $0.50 per employee. Visit the following link to view our pricing details and to learn about the other services that we provide: https://www.enetemployer.com/canadian-payroll-pricing.html

Your full service account setup will take 15 business days or less after we receive your completed forms. If you need to process payroll sooner, consider our Self Service option that can have you setup and trained typically the same day (and your payroll setup is free of charge).

Yes. CanPay representatives are certified Payroll Compliance Practitioners (PCP) and trained in the use and deployment of CanPay's payroll software and services. Our team members monitor changing payroll regulations in Canada as they are mandated by the Federal and Provincial/Territorial governments.

In addition, you will benefit from our personalized approach where we assign an individual payroll representative to your account. This gives you the assurance that you have someone available who is uniquely familiar with your payroll situation.

Our T4 service (sometimes referred to as the "year-end" run) is billed at a $25.00 base fee plus $1.75 for each T4. This cost includes filing with the CRA on your behalf.

No. You are billed only the base fee and a per-employee fee for each staff member that is paid. You are not charged the per-employee fee if the staff member does not generate a pay amount.

We use our own proprietary payment system when we perform the EFT procedure for your employee payments. This allows us to charge a low cost of $0.50 per transaction - banks may charge more.

Yes. We provide dedicated payroll service to many First Nation clients, and support the status and non-status requirements of aboriginal bands and agencies across Canada.


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canadian payroll sales - payroll sales in canada

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