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Any company who wants to provide their employees the ability to view their pay stubs, T4s and other company documents in a secure online environment. Employees can log on to their mailbox and retrieve their current and historical pay statements along with the T4's. Administrators can use the Bulletin Board feature to upload all types of important company documents to be shared with all employees.

eNETInbox pricing is based on the number of employees in your payroll. For example, between 1 and 50 employees costs just $50.00 per month. The full module pricing is shown on our web page at this link:http://enetinbox.com/pay-stub-pricing.html.

No. eNETInbox is a mailbox-type program that allows your employees to view their pay stubs, T4 and other uploaded company documents; eNETEmployer is a fully-functional payroll system that is used to process company payrolls.

Currently, this feature is only integrated with each of our payroll software solutions; eNETEmployer and our GrandMaster payroll software tools. However, if your company is able to export your statement data to our .json format, we can discuss how your pay statements can be imported directly. Please send an email request to sales@canpay.com if you wish to discuss further details.

Yes. Click here or visit the following link to watch a 10-minute video that takes you through the complete upload procedure from start to finish, including Administrator login, Employee login, and the Bulletin Board feature: https://youtu.be/2vd80IqUDhU


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