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Free Canadian Timekeeping SoftwareGrandMaster Suite's Time Keeping module provides a comprehensive method for calculating overtime and shift premium pay, making easier the task of organizing complex time keeping records. If your organization is involved with overtime, shift premiums, varying pay rates or minimum call-in times, this module can be of great benefit.

It supports premium pay based on statutory and company holidays and automatically calculate variable hourly inputs. Instantly prepare customized reports that translate an employee's start and stop time dates into hours paid by pay rate or type of pay. You can even automatically retrieve start and stop times from GrandMaster Suite's Scheduling Module.

Timekeeping Module Features

This module is part of the GrandMaster Suite integrated set of applications for all payroll and human resources requirements. Here are some of the features of the module:

Payroll Updates

The Time Keeping module instantly and automatically updates required information when integrated with GrandMaster Suite's Payroll module. This provides a simple, error free solution for effective in-house payroll management. As well, this module's current time record data is readily available for use in GrandMaster Suite's Human Resource module.

Time Analysis

Garner time analysis easily with accurate, timely reports that are customized to give your organization precise information. With the Time Keeping module, you can analyze time keeping data on a daily, weekly or any calendar basis you choose.

Translate Schedule Data

Define points of overtime easily, including the necessity for shift premiums, statutory holidays or minimum call-in times. Earning types are automatically assigned to specific pay situations in accordance with the policies of your organization concerning regular hours, overtime, vacation and sick (family or personal) leave.

Customize Import/Export

You can import start and stop times from your electronic time clock system to faciliate the time keeping process. For more flexibility when needed, you can alter the sequence and type of incoming data. You can even export the data to other compatible systems.

Control Shift Times

The Time Keeping module is designed to accommodate the different policies in your organization for different shifts. The module automatically records the start and stop time for each employee on every shift. Data can be retrieved by shift, by employee, pin pointing tardiness, absences or any other ad hoc occurrence.

Override Capability

This module is flexible and allows you control many of its fundamental operations. This means you are not restricted to a pre-defined set of Time Keeping rules. Exceptions to the norm can be accommodated quickly.

Pay Rate Differentials

The Time Keeping module virtually eliminates calculation errors in instances where an employee is entitled to a different pay rate for a different job, even in the same pay period. Pay rates can be assigned by job type, job position, accumulated hours worked or any other criteria that your organization designates.

How Do I Get Started?

Click Here or choose the button below to download the complete GrandMaster Suite today! Once installed, you can begin using the program immediately (our Getting Started Guide is available to help you get up and running quickly). If you have any download or installation questions, please call 1‑800‑665‑5129 or e-mail support@canpay.com.

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Licensing Information

GrandMaster Suite is yours to use free of charge as long as your payroll contains 20 employees or less (Click Here for more details). If you require payroll processing for more than 20 employees, or would like to receive Toll-Free support from CanPay, simply purchase a GrandMaster Suite license.

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Looking for Payroll in Canada?

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canadian payroll sales - payroll sales in canada

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