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Free Canadian HR Software - Grandmaster HR ModuleGrandMaster Suite's Human Resource module helps you manage every aspect of your organization's human resources. Coordinate employee compensation with union agreements, benefit entitlements, leaves, employment equity, group insurance, employee evaluations and performance reviews in all areas of your organization. This HR tool will make sure that you deal efficiently with each your personnel management issues.

Track and manage employee assignments, compensation, evaluations, company vehicles, laptops, cell phones, etc. Even the distribution of parking spaces can be handled with the click of a mouse.

HR Module Features

The Human Resource module is part of an integrated set of applications for all payroll and human resource requirements. Here are some of the features of this module:

Incident Records

Manage accidents, human rights complaints, labour grievances and union grievance incidents easily using GrandMaster Suite’s Human Resource module. Each incident record allow you to add pertinent information as needed. Include such items as detailed accounts of the incident, the dates on which it occurred, any personnel involved, recurrent incident information and any corrective action that was taken. With tracking of all incident types, you can easily perform company-wide reviews of all ongoing actions.

HR Accident Reporting in Canada

Employee Benefits Management

Use this feature to analyze past or future pay rates, deductions, benefit ratios, accumulated entitlements, rate tables and a host of other benefit-related data.

Canada Dental Claim Software

Plot Skill Inventory

Human Resource module allows you to profit from both existing employee skills and anticipated future skill set needs. By matching your employee skill sets to your organization's needs, you can attract and retain the best people for the job.

Manage Employee Leaves

Track all the details for leave times earned and redeemed for vacation, sick leave, time-off in lieu or any other leave activity that relates to your employees and your organization. HR supervisors and personnel managers will see improved efficiency when preparing for and managing any employee work leave.

Canadian Vacation Leaves and Tracking Software

Improved Evaluation Process

Centralize all the necessary information to prepare for all employee evaluations. Conduct clear and concise performance reviews by tracking performance level results, rating criteria and other pertinent information for each employee. Schedule future evaluation dates, record results, track progress to ensure that all staff keep on track with company goals and objectives.

Free Canadian Employee Evaluation Software

Positional Assignments Administration

Manage detailed records of your employees' positional assignments and easily administer varying job positions across differing work periods throughout the year. A complete history including start dates and completion dates can be analyzed by position or by employee.

Employee Position Software for Canada

Benefit Claims Analysis

Track benefit claims by employee or by benefit type for instant claims analysis. Instantly review usage factors for such items as dental, health, vision, long term and short term disability. This helps you better control overall claim costs and anticipate problem situations before they become an issue.

Manage Company Vehicles and Parking

Use this feature to easily manage Information on parking space assignment and company vehicles. Review current information and data for daily assignments or dig deeper for historical information as needed.

Employee Vehicle and Automobile Tracking Software Canada

Company Purchase Plans

Employee purchases and loans are made easy using the Company Purchase Plan feature. Access account summaries for high-level reviews or use detailed transaction information to analyze all purchases and deductions. This feature can be couple with GrandMaster Suite's Payroll module to further track additional purchases and to make necessary deductions.

Control Company Equipment

This feature help you to improve employee responsibliity by reducing equipment usage and loss. Manage all equipment types (e.g. tools, safety equipment, instruments, cell phones, lap tops), and assign each to designated employees or employee groups. Access inventory and usage reports based on serial numbers, makes, models or any other criteria.

How Do I Get Started?

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Licensing Information

GrandMaster Suite is yours to use free of charge as long as your payroll contains 20 employees or less (Click Here for more details). If you require payroll processing for more than 20 employees, or would like to receive Toll-Free support from CanPay, simply purchase a GrandMaster Suite license.

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