Cloud based Canadian payroll software - hosted online payroll for Canada businessCloud based Canadian payroll software - hosted online payroll for Canada business

Cloud Based Payroll and Hosted Solutions for Canada

CanPay offers online and hosted payroll services for those businesses who prefer these methods over an in-house payroll software solution. Read below to learn more about an online solution for your business and how CanPay can help you do Payroll Your Way...

Online Payroll Solutions

CanPay provides a number of proven solutions for companies looking to work with their payrolls on the Internet. Read below for our online solutions to see which one best suits your business needs.


eNETEmployer Cloud Based Payroll and HR for Canada

eNETEmployer offers total employee management through a suite of online tools for Human Resource, Payroll, Employee Recruiting and Applicant Tracking. Use it to empower your business and reduce the rising costs associated with employee management.

Convenient, Cost Effective and Reliable - Imagine the convenience of calculating your payroll at a time that's convenient to you. If you have an internet browser, you're ready to work with the program - it's that simple. And if you’re currently outsourcing your payroll, eNETEmployer will perform all the same functions at a fraction of the cost. And with no more software backups and updates to perform, you can be assured that the program is at the ready when you are.

Click Here to visit the eNETEmployer website.

Hosted Payroll Software

Hosted Cloud Based Payroll in CanadaIf you are one of the thousands of users across Canada who already use our GrandMaster Suite payroll solution, or you simply prefer the flexibility and speed of desktop software, we can host it for you. Canpay will install and configure GrandMaster Suite payroll on our secure servers and provide you with a login that you can use from your workstation, laptop or tablet PC. Keep employing the power of GrandMaster Suite's long proven multi-user desktop payroll system without having to worry about applying updates or making backups.

And if you're currently using GrandMaster Suite in a desktop setting, we can move your data to our secure server so you can continue processing your payroll from anywhere at anytime. You can even print directly to your printer and have access to your local drives. As always, if you need support from one of our payroll specialists, we can access your payroll and provide the assistance you need. With advance notice, CanPay can also serve as a payroll processing backup for you when your regular payroll staff is on vacation or leave.

Call 1-800-665-5129 today to speak with us about hosting your payroll.


Looking for Payroll in Canada?

CanPay provides Payroll and HR software and online solutions for thousands of companies across Canada. If your business has a unique payroll or HR need or you are simply looking for an alternative to your current method, contact us today. We can offer you a customized solution that will suit your unique business requirements. Please call 1-800-665-5129 or send an email request to:

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