Introducing the eNETInbox "Bulletin Board"

Online Payroll Document Sharing and Storage - eNETInboxSince its introduction in 2014, eNETInbox has been providing GrandMaster payroll users with the ability to provide employee pay statements and T4’s on the web for their employees.

And now CanPay is proud to announce it's latest enhancement - the "Bulletin Board"

Bulletin Board - eNETInbox Online Payroll Document Sharing and Storage

Now payroll administrators can upload important documents that can be securely viewed by all company employees. Everything from memos and important work notices, to company-wide holiday announcements - documents of all types can be shared with your entire staff.

The new Bulletin Board feature comes at no extra cost to all registered eNETInbox users.  If you are already using our cloud-based document storage system, you can immediately begin sharing new documents with all of your employees*.

Start Document Sharing and Storage Today

Are you looking for new ways to enhance your payroll process? If so, call us today at 800-665-5129.

Many employers are already taking advantage of the benefits of eNETInbox: you save the time of having to print and distribute pay statements; you have added security by replacing paper statements with protected documents that can be read only by the intended recipient; and you save the planet by reducing the use of paper and ink.

If you want to easily upload your employee pay statements or T4's directly to an employee accessible mailbox, eNETInbox is the tool for you!

eNETInbox is available GrandMaster II and GrandMaster Suite payroll software users, as well as for your custom application.
* Your Bulletin Board account stores up to 5 documents with a maximum size of 10MB per document.

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canadian payroll sales - payroll sales in canada

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