Worker's Compensation in CanadaWorker's Compensation in Canada

Worker's Compensation in Canada

Each Canadian province and territory has its own exclusive Workers’ Compensation Board/Commission (WCB) (with the exception of Northwest Territories and Nunavut that share a combined board). As such, the thirteen regions have varying standards that govern the WCB legislation.

Each board is funded by employer contributions (premiums) that are based on the level of risk associated with their particular industry. Typical premiums are charged a specified dollar amount per $100 of payroll - this amount being known as the “assessment rate”. Maximum assessable earnings are the maximum annual earnings on which workers’ compensation premiums can be based.

Use the table below to review the maximum assessable earning rates for each of the thirteen Canadian provinces and territories. Select a province name to view more detailed information about the region.

Province/Territory Maximum Assessable Earning Rates
  • $98,700
  • Click here to view the Alberta The Workers' Compensation Board website.
British Columbia (B.C.)
  • $81,900
  • Click here to view the Workers' Compensation Board of BC website.
  • $127,000
  • Click here to view the The Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba website.
New Brunswick
  • $62,700
  • Click here to view New Brunswick's WorkSafeNB website.
Newfoundland & Labrador
  • $63,420
  • Click here to view Newfoundland's Workplace Health, Safety & Compensation Commission website.
Northwest Territories (NWT)
  • $90,600
  • Click here to view NWT's Workers' Safety and Compensation Commission website.
Nova Scotia
  • $59,300
  • Click here to view the Workers' Compensation Board of Nova Scotia's website.
  • $90,600
  • Click here to view Nunavut's Workers' Safety and Compensation Commission website.
  • $88,500
  • Click here to view Ontario's Workplace Safety and Insurance Board website.
Prince Edward Island (PEI)
  • $52,800
  • Click here to view the Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island website.
  • $76,086
  • Click here to view the Worker's Compensation Board of Saskatchewan website.
  • $85,601
  • Click here to view the Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health & Safety Board website.


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