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icon for canada payroll testimonial open quote Each year, CanPay payroll software is used to produce more than 7.5 million pay cheques and EFTs all across Canada. icon for canada payroll testimonial close quote
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CanPay Software Inc. began in 1985 with a unique mission to provide easy-to-use, cost effective payroll solutions for the Canadian marketplace. For 30 years, customers across Canada have made CanPay Software their number one choice for proven, reliable payroll solutions.Click Here to learn more about how we can serve your business!

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CanPay offers Payroll software for Canadian businesses. Choose eNETemployer for an online solution or GrandMaster Suite for your desktop. Process simple or complex payrolls in-house as you work with an unlimited number of employees and companies. Click Here to learn more about how you can do Payroll Your Way...


eNETPayroll and Google Chrome - If you use Google's Chrome browser with eNETPayroll, you will need to change browsers by 2015. Click Here for details.

CanPay Celebrates 30 Years! - Click Here to read about our 30th Anniversary celebrations and how to win an iPAD Mini.

Payroll News for June 2015 - Click Here to view the latest issue!

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30th Anniversary Celebration

Help us CanPay celebrate our 30th anniversary this summer by getting the word out via social media and the internet, and you will be entered into a draw to win an Apple iPAD Mini! Click Here to learn more.

Article: "Online Payroll Software"

Payroll is a must for all companies, large and small. Employees count on an uninterrupted flow of their earnings each period, and businesses are relying more heavily on online payroll software services to help them perform this mission-critical task. Read More...

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Canadian-Made Payroll software and Human Resource (HR) tools for Canada businesses.
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