Provincial and Stat Holidays in Canada

Canada's provinces and territories celebrate a number of common general or "statutory" holidays at the national level - holidays in which all employees are entitled for the day off with pay. However, many of the provinces differ in their designation of other holidays as they relate to the individual region.

Canada Payroll ServiceGenerally speaking, the common statutory holidays are New Year's Day, Good Friday (Easter), Canada Day, Labour Day and Christmas Day. Additional holidays such as Easter Monday, Victoria Day, Thanksgiving and Boxing Day are also a paid requirement for federal employees, though the provinces may also provide these days off as part of common practice (not by Federal regulation).

Further, some of the provinces celebrate holidays on the same day as their Canadian counterparts, but designate the holiday name and purpose differently. For example, the third Monday in February is celebrated by half of the provinces, but goes by at least three different names.

Use the table below to review the national and provincial stat holidays that are observed for each of the thirteen Canadian provinces and territories. Select a province name to view more detailed information about the region.

Holiday 2020 2019 Day Observed Region Observed
New Year's Day Wed., January 1 Tue., January 1 January 1 Nationwide
Islander Day Mon., February 17 Mon., February 18 3rd Monday in February PE
Family Day Mon., February 17 Mon., February 18 3rd Monday in February AB, BC1, MB, NB, ON, SK
Heritage Day Mon., February 17
(Feb. 21 in YK)
Mon., February 18
(Feb. 22 in YK)
3rd Monday in February
(third Friday in Feb. in YK)
Louis Riel Day  Mon., February 17 Mon., February 18 3rd Monday in February MB
St. Patrick's Day  Tue., March 17 Sun., March 17 March 17 NL
Good Friday Fri., April 10 Fri., April 19 The Friday before Easter Sunday Nationwide, except QC
Easter Monday Mon, April 13 Mon, April 22 The Monday after Easter Sunday QC
St. George's Day   Mon, April 20 Mon, April 22 Monday closest to April 23 NL
Victoria Day
(National Patriots Day in QC)
Mon, May 18 Mon, May 20 The Monday preceding May 25th Nationwide, except NB, NL, NS, PE
National Aboriginal Day Sun., June 21 Fri., June 21 June 21 NT
Féte Nationale
(St. Jean Baptiste Day)
Wed., June 24 Mon., June 24 June 242 QC
Discovery Day  Wed., June 24 Mon., June 24 Nearest Monday to June 24 NL
Canada Day (Memorial Day in NL) Wed., July 1 Mon., July 1 July 1 Nationwide
Nunavut Day Thu., July 9 Tue., July 9 July 9 NU
Civic Holiday Mon., August 3 Mon., August 5 The First Monday in August AB, BC, NB, NU, ON, SK
Labour Day Mon., September 7 Mon., September 2 The First Monday in September Nationwide
Thanksgiving Day Mon., October 12 Mon., October 14 The Second Monday in October Nationwide, except NB, NL, NS, PE
Remembrance Day Wed., November 11 Mon., November 11 November 113 Nationwide, except NL, NS4, ON, QC
Christmas Day Fri., December 25 Tue., December 25 December 25 Nationwide
Boxing Day Sat., December 26 Wed., December 26 December 26 ON
  1. BC recognizes the third Monday in February as a provincial statutory holiday called Family Day. Family Day is not necessarily granted in the case of people employed in the retail industry. In this case it is the employer's decision to grant the day off. If the day off is not granted then the employer must grant another day off in place of Family Day.
  2. St. Jean Baptiste day in Quebec is regulated by National Holiday Act.
  3. Remembrance Day in Manitoba is regulated by the Remembrance Day Act.
  4. Remembrance Day in Nova Scotia is regulated by Separate Act.


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