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This section provides specific information for the province of Saskatchewan. Click one of the links on the left to move directly to the corresponding section.

Hours of Work

The type of employee excluded from this legislature are management, teachers, commission sales persons, etc.

A week is defined as Sunday to Saturday.

No regulation - must be safe for workers
* ** Exclude statutory hours from overtime calculation and reduce the work week by the statutory hours
Overtime Hours in excess of 8.00 hours/day or 40.00 hours/week
Overtime Rate 1 and 1/2 times the employee's regular rate of pay
Break Period If worked 6 hours or more per day must be allowed 1/2 hour every consecutive 5 hours worked
Rest Period 8.00 hours between shifts


Maternity Leave

Time with Employer 20 weeks within the 52 weeks before expected date of birth
Required Notice four weeks written notice
Length of Leave 18 weeks taken any time within the 12 weeks prior to estimated birth and a minimum of six weeks after birth
Payed No

Parental Leave

Time with Employer 20 weeks within the 52 weeks before the leave
Required Notice four weeks written notice
Length of Leave 34 weeks beginning immediately after the maternity leave or any combination during the month before and eight months after the leave or 37 weeks for employee not eligible for maternity leave.
Payed No


Time with Employer at least 3 months
Required Notice N/A
Length of Leave five days if in immediate family beginning week of death
Payed No

Adoption Leave

Time with Employer 20 consecutive weeks within the 52 weeks before adoption date
Required Notice four weeks written notice
Length of Leave 18 weeks beginning the day of the adoption.
Payed No

Voting Leave

Time with Employer N/A
Required Notice N/A
Length of Leave three consecutive hours
Payed Yes


New Year's Day
Sat., Jan. 1 Sun., Jan. 1 Tue., Jan. 1
Good Friday
Fri., Apr. 22 Fri., Apr. 6 Fri., Mar 29
Canada Day
Fri., Jul. 1 Sun., Jul. 1 Mon., Jul. 1
Labour Day
Mon., Sep. 5 Mon., Sep. 3 Mon., Sep. 2
Christmas Day
Sun., Dec. 25 Tue., Dec. 25 Wed., Dec. 25
Victoria Day
Mon., May 23 Mon., May 21 Mon., May 20
Thanksgiving Day
Mon., Oct. 10 Mon., Oct. 8 Mon., Oct. 14
Remembrance Day
Fri., Nov. 11 Sun., Nov. 11 Mon., Nov. 11

Saskatchewan Day
Mon., Aug. 1 Mon., Aug. 6 Mon., Aug. 5
Family Day
Mon., Feb. 21 Mon., Feb.20 Mon., Feb. 18

Whenever the following holidays land on a Saturday or Sunday, New Year's Day, Canada Day, Remembrance Day, Christmas Day the employer must grant his or her employee a holiday with pay on the next working day immediately preceding or following the holiday, providing that the holiday is a provincial requirement. If a statutory holiday is worked on a regularly scheduled work day then the employee must receive their regular daily pay plus time and a half.

Saskatchewan Day is also a statutory holiday which falls on the first Monday of August (as designated in the Labour Standards Act).

According to the Urban Municipality Act (Shop Closing), shops must close at 6:00 p.m. Monday to Friday and remain closed until 5:00 a.m. of the following day. On Saturday, the shops must close at 10:00 p.m. and remain closed until 5:00 a.m. of the following Monday.


Required Notice

Individual Termination
Length of Employment Notice Required
Under 3 months None
Between 3 months and 1 year 1 week
Between 1 year and 3 years 2 weeks
Between 3 years and 5 years 4 weeks
Between 5 years and 10 years 6 weeks
10 years or more 8 weeks

Group Termination
Number of Employees Notice Required
10 to 49 4 weeks
50 to 99 8 weeks
100 or more 12 weeks

Worker's Compensation

Assessable Earnings:


Car allowances (if taxable)
Clothing allowances (if taxable)
Moving allowances (if taxable)
Travel allowances (if taxable)
Call in pay
Call back pay
Standby pay
Short-term disability paid by the employer (amounts in first 3 months)
Long-term disability paid by the employer (amounts in first 3 months)
Regular salary or wages/overtime
Shift premium
WCB-top up
Sick-pay (amounts paid not exceeding 3 months)
Vacation Pay/Statutory Holiday paid
Taxable Benefits such as:
Board & lodging
Company car
Life insurance (employer paid)
RRSP & Stock Options


Directors' fee
Temporary lay-off with pay
Maternity with pay
Pre-retirement with pay
Pay in lieu of notice
Retiring allowance
Severance pay
Sick pay on termination

Pay Statements

For Saskatchewan the pay is required semi-monthly or more frequently. The employee must receive their pay within six days after each pay period.Saskatchewan's pay statements must contain the following
  1. Name of the employee
  2. Gross earnings
  3. Net pay
  4. Rate of pay
  5. Total hours worked
  6. Dates of pay periods
  7. Category of employment
  8. Deductions and reasons for those deductions

Minimum Wages

The province of Saskatchewan has one wage rate standard as follows:

Parties Applicable Wage Rate
General $10.00

Minimum Age

Any children under the age of 16 must have approval from a school principal to work during school hours.

Children under the age of 16 have restrictions from work in construction, factories, mills, various lines, and plants. For a more detailed description of restrictions see the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Vacationable Earnings


Work related bonuses (cash)
Call in pay
Call back pay
Commissions earned at employer's premises
Commissions earned by a route salesman
Commissions earned away from employer's premises
Overtime pay
Previously paid vacation pay
Profit Sharing
Regular salary/wages/retroactive
Shift premium
Standby pay
Statutory - Company Holidays (floaters)
Statutory - General Holidays
Sick pay - Sick days (not clearly addressed)
Taxable Benefits:
Board & lodging


Allowances (Car, clothing, moving, travel)
Discretionary bonuses (cash)
Director's fees
Employer-paid long term disability (not clearly addressed)
Employer-paid short term disability (not clearly addressed)
Gifts (cash or in kind)
Pay in lieu of notice/Termination pay
Severance/Plant severance
Tips and Gratuities
Taxable Benefits:
Company car
Life Insurance

Provincial Health

The Health Services Plan is funded through provincial and federal taxes, requiring no employee or employer premiums or contributions.


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