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This section provides specific information for the province of Alberta. Click one of the links on the left to move directly to the corresponding section.

Hours of Work

The type of employee excluded from this legislature are management, chartered accountants, licensed real estate agents, automobile salesmen, farm workers, etc.

Maximum 12 hours/day except in emergencies
Minimum 3.00 hours/shift or *2.00 hours/shift
** Exclude statutory hours from overtime calculation and reduce the work week by the statutory hours
Overtime Hours in excess of 8.00 hours/day or 44.00 hours/week
Overtime Rate 1 and 1/2 times the employee's regular rate of pay
Compressed Work Week Maximum of 12.00 hours/day or 44.00 hours/week
Break Period 1/2 hour per consecutive 5 hours worked
Rest Period A minimum of 24.00 consecutive hours per week

*if employed as school bus driver, student under 18 working outside school hours, or on part-time basis in recreational, community service or other related organizations.


Maternity Leave

Time with Employer twelve consecutive months
Required Notice 6 weeks
Length of Leave 15 weeks taken no sooner than 12 weeks before the expected birth with a minimum of six weeks after birth.
Payed No

Parental Leave

Time with Employer 12 consecutive months
Required Notice 6 weeks
Length of Leave 37 consecutive weeks taken any time within the 52-week period following the birth or care and custody of the child (born or adopted), immediately following the pregnancy leave.
Extension of Leave no specification at this time
Benefits Maintained No

Voting Leave

Time with Employer N/A
Required Notice N/A
Length of Leave three consecutive hours
Payed Yes


New Year's Day
Sat., Jan. 1 Sun., Jan. 1 Tue., Jan. 1
Good Friday
Fri., Apr. 22 Fri., Apr. 6 Fri., Mar 29
Canada Day
Fri., Jul. 1 Sun., Jul. 1 Mon., Jul. 1
Labour Day
Mon., Sep. 5 Mon., Sep. 3 Mon., Sep. 2
Christmas Day
Sun., Dec. 25 Tue., Dec. 25 Wed., Dec. 25
Victoria Day
Mon., May 23 Mon., May 21 Mon., May 20
Thanksgiving Day
Mon., Oct. 10 Mon., Oct. 8 Mon., Oct. 14
Remembrance Day
Fri., Nov. 11 Sun., Nov. 11 Mon., Nov. 11

In accordance with the Canadian Labour Standards code, if a statutory holiday is worked during a regularly scheduled work day an employee must receive their regular rate of pay plus time and a half for all the hours worked. Or an employee can take regular wages for the time worked and then receive a day off with pay on a later day before his or her next annual vacation.

*In addition to the federal holidays above, the province recognizes a provincial statutory holiday called Family Day. Family Day, which falls on the third Monday in February, is not necessarily granted in the case of people employed in the retail industry. In this case it is the employer's decision to grant the day off. If the day off is not granted then the employer must grant another day off in place of Family Day.


Required Notice - Individual Termination

Length of Employment Statutory Notice Required
3 months or less None
Between 3 months and 2 years 1 week
Between 2 years and 4 years 2 weeks
Between 4 years and 6 years 4 weeks
Between 6 years and 8 years 5 weeks
Between 8 years and 10 years 6 weeks
10 years or more 8 weeks

The Employment Standards Code, RSA, states minimum statutory notice requirements. A terminated employee may be legally entitled to receive more than the minimum notice or pay in lieu required by the statute.

Required Notice - Group Termination

Group terminations apply to a group of 50 employees or more. The requirement for notice is the same as for individual employee terminations.

Worker's Compensation

Assessable Earnings:


Car allowances (if taxable)
Clothing allowances (if taxable)
Moving allowances (if taxable)
Travel allowances (if taxable)
Call in pay
Call back pay
Standby pay
Short-term disability paid by the employer
Long-term disability paid by the employer
Gifts (if taxable)
Temporary lay-off with pay
Maternity with pay
Pre-retirement with pay
Pay in lieu of notice
Regular salary or wages/overtime
Shift premium
Sick pay (paid during year)
Vacation/statutory holiday pay
Taxable Benefits such as:
Board & lodgings
Company car
Life insurance
Provincial medical
RRSP/Stock Options


Directors' fees
Retiring allowance
Severance pay
WCB and WCB Top-Up
Sick-pay (payout on termination)

Pay Statements

For Alberta the pay is required either monthly or more frequently. The employee must receive their pay within the 10 days after each pay period. Alberta's pay statements must contain the following information:

  1. Wage rate
  2. Overtime rate
  3. Pay period dates
  4. Total regular hours worked
  5. Total overtime hours worked
  6. Vacation Pay
  7. Lieu of notice pay
  8. General holiday pay
  9. Overtime hours banked and taken
  10. Deductions and reasons for deductions
  11. Regular wages
  12. Overtime wages

Minimum Wages

Parties Applicable Wage Rate
*General $9.95
Specified salespersons $397.00 Weekly
Domestic living in employer’s residence $1,893.00 Monthly

Minimum Age

With the written permission of a parent or guardian adolescents age 12 to 15 may be hired to work:

  • as a delivery person of such items as newspapers or flyers,
  • in a retail store as a clerk, or
  • in an office as an office clerk.
  • as a store delivery person

They must not work any hours from 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. And they can work a maximum of two hours on a school day and eight hours on any other day.

An employer may not hire a person of age 15 to (and including) age 17 to work between midnight and 6:00 a.m. in connection with hotels, gas stations or retail stores selling drinks, food or any other products. And may only work at these places between 9:00 p.m. and midnight if supervised at all times by someone of age 18 or older.

With the written permission from a parent or guardian a person age 15 to (and including) age 17 may work under the supervision of an adult in nursing or care homes, hospitals, or manufacturing plants.

Vacationable Earnings


Work related bonuses (cash)
Call in pay
Call back pay
Commissions earned at employer's premises
Commissions earned by a route salesman
Previously paid vacation pay (if employer has already paid out on each pay)
Regular salary/wages/retroactive
Shift premium
Taxable Benefits:
Board & lodging


Allowances (Car, clothing, moving, travel)
Discretionary bonuses (cash)
Commissions earned away from employer's premises
Director's fees
Gifts (cash or in kind)
Overtime pay
Pay in lieu of notice/Termination pay
Profit Sharing
Severance/Plant severance
Sick pay - Sick days
Standby pay
Statutory - Company Holidays (floaters)
Statutory - General Holidays
Tips and Gratuities
Taxable Benefits:
Company car
Life Insurance
Provincial Medical



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